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Onyx is a cloud based shop floor management tool, allowing users to manage CNC output, develop bundles, truck templates and more for timber and light gauge steel panels.

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Why use Onyx

Onyx empowers the manufacturer's workflows all the way from design to manufactured output, in light gauge steel and wood, without the need to use Revit.

Work Order Scheduling

Manage, define and modify your work orders. Add panels and associate deadlines within an easy to use and intuitive interface.

CNC Output Management

Ability to consolidate all your CNC data such as holes, punches etc. in one place for easy access. Supports industry standard file formats, including .BTL, Howick .CSV, and more.

CNC editor - Edit CNC Operations

Review and inspect the design of your light gauge steel and wood panels. Make any final modifications with the built-in CNC editor, without needing to re-work your models in Revit.

Stacking & Bundling

Allows users to stack their panels in bundles or skids / pallets, and trucks. Supports various stacking configurations according to your sequencing priorities.

Report generation

Export your production data into comprehensive reports. Onyx allows manufacturers to generate detailed documentation for their stacking and BOM schedules.

Cloud Based Access

Onyx can run on any web enabled device. Users can access and engage with multiple projects using the same account.

Onyx by Strucsoft | Graitec - UK

The 5 key benefits of Onyx

Easy to learn. Users are not required to have extensive drafting experience with Onyx’s low learning curve.

Capability to pre-define company wide templates, and settings which can be reused across multiple projects.

Onyx allows manufacturers to quickly determine which panels need to be manufactured first, with features allowing easy sorting, filtering and organization of their panels.

Teams can operate without having to purchase multiple licenses.

Device agnostic platform. Use Onyx across any web enabled device for easy accessibility .

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Onyx by Strucsoft | Graitec - UK

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Onyx by Strucsoft | Graitec - UK

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