Factory Design Utilities


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Use Factory Design Utilities to maximise production performance. Leverage the software to create a digital representation of your factory layout

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Why buy Factory Design Utilities?

Plan and simulate your factory and plant layouts efficiently

Design of Industrial Machinery

Design tools to create, publish, share and manage 3D content for plant and factory layouts

Facilities Layout

Map out factories and visualise and detect clashes in large factory layouts

Implementation Scheduling

Schedule the installation and commissioning of your equipment

Freedom to Design in 2D or 3D

Begin the layout process in a 3D parametric, or 2D AutoCAD environment

Library of Parametric Factory Assets

Access asset library, which includes conveyors, materials handling equipment and facility equipment

Process Analysis Capability

Model, visualise and simulate manufacturing processes before implementing them

Factory Design Utilities | Graitec - UK

The 5 key benefits of Factory Design Utilities
Easily optimise production efficiency

Plan for current and future outputs while evaluating production concepts

Effectively collaborate with external equipment vendors and internal teams

Mitigate risks in construction by sequencing and scheduling installations

Achieve easy integration with factory design and planning solutions

Why choose GRAITEC

Solutions to help deliver your projects on time & under budget

Dedicated experts to help you increase productivity

Training to help improve efficiency within your team

Worldwide leader in AEC & MFG system integration

Factory Design Utilities | Graitec - UK

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Factory Design Utilities enables you to plan, design, and install an efficient factory layout and also visualise and optimise factory designs to improve production performance

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