Structural Bridge Design


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Use Structural Bridge Design to analyse and design bridge structures, while working within a fully-integrated environment

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Why buy Structural Bridge Design

Use an intuitive workflow within a single platform to enable your engineers to optimise bridge design

Integrated Analysis and Design

Facilitate the acceleration of loading, analysis and code compliance checking

Design Automation

Enable the automation of repetitive and routine code-checking analysis and design tasks

Structural Analysis

Allow more accurate calculations for design sections and beams to be quickly and efficiently calculated

Easy-to-use Design Sheets

Improve accuracy and reliability by reviewing code check requirements with calculation-style design sheets

Design Option Refining

Provide automated updates in a design-analyse-code check loop whenever parameters change

International Design Capability

Provide tools for designing and analysing steel and concrete bridges to multiple international design codes

Structural Bridge Design | Graitec - UK

The 5 key benefits of Structural Bridge Design

Enable intuitive data preparation

Use line beam, grillage, frame analysis and finite element techniques

Easily move data between design and structure components

Integrate loading analysis and code checking throughout every project

Ensure data is accurate and consistent in a single environment

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Structural Bridge Design | Graitec - UK

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