PowerPack Rebar Design & Detailing for Revit®


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Efficient Rebar Design in Revit® with PowerPack,
backed by Free expert support on Revit!

Strengthen and speed up your 3D rebar detailing in Revit®. Automate drawings, documentation and schedules. Stay aligned with international and local standards.


87% report an increase in ROI on their investment with Graitec PowerPack

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Supports complete structural BIM model creation with 3D rebar tools, import of FEM results for design and detail of 3D rebar cages.


1 Structural engineers and designers, enhance your productivity with accurate, automated reinforced concrete design.


2 Seamless integration with Revit® enables better collaboration in real time. Get precise, error-free designs.


3 Unlock the full potential of Autodesk Revit with PowerPack for Rebar Design, plus benefit from free, expert support to optimize your Revit experience

PowerPack Rebar Design & Detailing for Revit® | Graitec - UK

Unleash Your Projects with PowerPack Rebar Design & Detailing for Revit

PowerPack Rebar Design & Detailing for Revit® | Graitec - UK

5 Key benefits of PowerPack Rebar Design & Detailing for Revit®

Supports complete structural BIM model creation with 3D rebar tools, import of FEM results for design and detail of 3D rebar cages.

Complete structural BIM models in Revit® - formwork, FEM results, and reinforcement. | Graitec - UK
Use the power of Revit® to design structural elements | Graitec - UK
Efficient, Higher Quality Reinforced Concrete Design  | Graitec - UK
Generate parametric 3D reinforcement cages based on FEM results. | Graitec - UK
Save time on engineering documentation with automated drawings and design reports. | Graitec - UK
  • Make better informed decisions using complete structural BIM models. Streamline collaboration. Create accurate, efficient reinforced concrete designs to spec.

  • Optimize your structural engineering and design processes. Improve productivity with automated 3D rebar modeling. Visualize FEM results and advanced reporting.

  • Reduce rework and delays, enhance productivity, and cut costs. Optimize rebar design in your Revit® concrete projects.

  • Get more efficient and accurate reinforced concrete design. Create detailed 3D models of reinforcement. Visualize reinforcement elements in relation to the structure, reducing errors.

  • Make better informed decisions. Streamline communication and collaboration for accurate, up-to-date information. Create comprehensive reports of design elements. Create efficient, accurate, cost-effective reinforced concrete designs to project specifications.

Complement and balance your projects perfectly
with PowerPack Rebar Design & Detailing for Revit®.

Better Structural BIM Workflows

Improve your designs and streamline workflows, from importing and sychronizing to visualizing forces and reinforcement.

Faster Structural Element Calculations

Automatically create, update and modify reinforcement cages for slabs, walls, beams, columns, and footings. Use imported or manual design results to support international design codes.

More Efficient Designs Using Groups

Save time combining structural elements with similar geometric and structural assumptions. Generate theoretical reinforcement area envelopes and worst-case scenarios for geotechnical checks.

Custom Reports

Generate custom simplified or detailed reports on design assumptions and results. With Report Viewer, preview and print reports or export to Excel, Word and PDF.

Quick Preliminary Designs

Generate full 3D reinforcement cages for evaluation on beams, columns, footings, and walls. Constructive Dispositions enable preliminary design without full calculations. Generate 3D reinforcement in seconds as a base for reinforcement models that evolve with parameters.

Efficient Structural Analysis

Graphically verify structural analysis with diagrams of results. Verify stresses and interaction curves for linear elements.

Focused Analysis

Design structural elements directly in Revit® – no need for external analysis software. Base automatic 3D rebar cages on load types and combinations – manual or imported from Excel spreadsheets.

PowerPack Rebar Design & Detailing for Revit® | Graitec - UK

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PowerPack Rebar Design & Detailing for Revit® | Graitec - UK